Retractable Bollard

  • Semi-automatic Rising Bollards

    Semi-automatic Rising Bollards

    An effective semi-automatic rising bollard for driveway access control or car parking reservation applications where a high level of security is not the overriding factor. Can be integrated with our range of automatic rising bollards.

    Diameter: 219mm.

    Raised height: 600mm.

    Pull up weight: Semi-automatic (0 kg).

    Steel gauge: 6mm.

    Lock: Integral (1 tool supplied).

    Q235 carbon steel or 304-grade Stainless Steel.

  • Manual retractable bollard for car parking

    Manual retractable bollard for car parking

    Length: 900mm

    Embedded parts height: 1080mm

    Diameter: 114mm

    Thickness of wall: 3mm

    Material: SS304

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