Road blocker

  • Two-way tire breaker roadblocker barrier

    Two-way tire breaker roadblocker barrier

    Brand Name
    Product Type
    road safety equipment tyre killer spike barrier
    Q235, A3 steel
    Lifting / Close Time
    1 – 2S, adjustable
    Blade Height
    150mm, customized height.
    1000 – 8000mm(OEM)
    customized length
    Steel Thickness
    12mm, customized thickness
    Unit Operating Voltage
    By a key to control bollard ascend and descend, no electricity need
    Operating Temperature
    -45℃ to +75℃
    Dustproof and waterproof level
    Engine Power
    Unit Operating Voltage
    Supply voltage: 220V (control voltage 24V)
    Pressure Capacity
    100 tons of container trucks
    Optional Function
    Traffic Lamp, Solar light, Hand Pump, Safety Photocell
    Collision level
    K12 (equivalent to 120KM / hour impact, the car is blocked, the equipment works as usual)
  • Heavy duty Road blocker with spikes

    Heavy duty Road blocker with spikes

    Traffic barrier road blocker on the market are generally flip-type single-side roadblocks and are equipped with a spear tip .It’s used in traffic safety and can achieve the purpose of quickly and safely intercepting vehicles

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