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When the vehicle is about to arrive at the parking space, the vehicle owner uses the remote control to control the parking space lock, so that the parking space lock is lowered to the lowest position, and the vehicle can enter. To the protection state. When the vehicle leaves, the owner uses the remote control to press the down button of the remote control to lower the parking space lock to the lowest position. After the car leaves the parking space, the owner only needs to press the up button on the remote control, and the parking space lock can automatically rise to protection. State now. Can prevent other vehicles from occupying parking spaces!


1. Keep up with the concept of environmental development and protection, products are more environmentally friendly, and do not pollute the environment

2. Anti-collision locking, realizes complete anti-pressure, and cannot be forced into position.

3. It has a flexible non-reversing parking lock, and a spring is introduced to effectively alleviate accidental crashes. The flexible non-reversing parking lock is divided into two types: outer spring and inner spring: outer spring (rocker arm join spring): when subjected to strong external force The rocker arm can bend during impact and has elastic cushioning, which improves the "collision avoidance" performance. Inner spring (spring is added to the base): The rocker arm can be anti-collision and compression by 180° front and back. The built-in spring is difficult to depress. Advantages: It has elastic buffer when receiving external force, which greatly reduces the impact force, thereby reducing the damage to the parking lock.


1. Intelligent management of parking spaces in smart communities

The problem of difficult parking in residential quarters has become a major social phenomenon today. Old residential communities, large communities and other communities suffer from "difficult parking and chaotic parking" due to high parking demand and low parking space ratio; however, the use of residential parking spaces It presents tidal characteristics, and the problem of parking difficulty is obvious, but the actual utilization rate of parking space resources is low. Therefore, in combination with the concept of smart community construction, smart parking locks can give full play to its parking management and sharing functions, and intelligently transform and manage community parking spaces: based on its parking status detection and information reporting module, it is connected to the smart community platform management system to carry out parking spaces. Intelligent unified management and sharing of resources, and further rational use of temporary parking spaces around the community, effectively expanding the parking range of the community, so that more vehicles can say goodbye to the embarrassing situation of "one hard to find", and create a digital and tidy The community environment can effectively alleviate the conflicts in the neighborhood and completely solve the management pain points of the property company for the owner's vehicle.

2. [Commercial Building Intelligent Parking System]

Large-scale commercial plazas usually integrate shopping, leisure, entertainment, office, hotel and other functions, and are located in the central area of ​​the city. There is a large demand for parking and high mobility, but there are large loopholes in charging, high management costs, low efficiency, and management. Problems such as insufficient power. Improper management of the parking lot of the commercial square not only affects the use, management and operation of the parking lot itself, and makes it difficult to effectively use the parking resources of the parking lot, but also causes congestion on the surrounding municipal roads and reduces the safety and security of the urban transportation system. 

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