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Our parking lock are equipped with the new era of smart device functions, which can achieve the functions of connecting Bluetooth, remote control, and induction control of parking locks.

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Parking space lock is a mechanical device installed on the ground to prevent others from occupying the parking space, so it is called a parking floor lock, also called a parking space lock. Due to the rapid development of the global economy and the continuous improvement of the economic level of various countries, vehicles such as vehicles are more and more commonly used, and the demand for parking locks corresponding to this has also continued to rise. The simplest parking lock is generally manual. In order to realize the intelligent management of parking spaces, we have introduced a series of remote control parking locks that can be connected to computers, smartphones, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc., to achieve smart parking space Unmanned management of locks.
 Products Key Features
-The parking lock with a stylish appearance design: the surface is painted, the surface is smooth and clean;
- The arm may be 460mm in the rising position;
- Operate without authorization or try to lower the arm's external force to sound an alarm;
- High level waterproof: the parking barrier is well immersed in the water;
- Anti-theft function: Install bolts inside to make it impossible;
- Compression resistance: The shell is made of 3mm steel and is a strong and powerful status
- Indicator: When the current is less than 4.5V, there will be an alarm sound.
Self-supporting parking lot
parking lots that use the power of vehicles and ramps to enter and exit the parking spaces are called self-powered parking lots. Its types are:
1. Flat parking lot
 plane parking lot (also known as the square type) has a certain land area and is divided into passages and parking spaces by traffic markings, and is equipped with traffic facilities such as pointing arrows and signs. There are four parking methods: vertical (at right angles to the passage), parallel (parallel to the passage), oblique row, and staggered arrangement. Generally vertical layout is commonly used, and the advantage is to save parking area. There is also an oblique arrangement. The angle of the oblique row is determined by the shape of the site. The advantages are convenient access, high turnover rate, and good safety.
2. Ramps parking lock
Ramp parking lots are generally divided into underground ramp parking lots and building ramp parking lots:
(1) Underground ramp parking 
make more use of underground spaces such as buildings, squares and parks, and installs parking lots with ramps for entry and exit. Its advantage is that it uses less land, but the construction cost is about 2 to 3 times higher than that of ground construction, and it is generally reserved for small cars.
(2) Building ramp parking lot
build a multi-layered roof and a parking lot with ramp access. Its advantage is that it uses less land and is cheaper to make. It is generally reserved for small cars.
 Mechanical parking lot
A parking lot where vehicles are placed in a parking lot with the power of a mechanical device is called a mechanical parking lot. According to the regulations of China's mechanical parking equipment industry standard, the operation mode of mechanical parking equipment can be divided into three categories: lifting, traversing, and circulation, a total of eight types of equipment. Lifting type can be specifically divided into simple lifting type parking equipment and vertical lifting type (also known as a tower) parking equipment; horizontal moving type can be divided into lifting and horizontal shifting parking equipment, plane mobile parking equipment, roadway stacking type (also known as Storage type) parking equipment; the circulation type can be divided into vertical circulation-type parking equipment, horizontal circulation-type parking equipment, and multi-level circulation-type parking equipment. The most commonly used parking lots in our country are lift parking lots and traversing parking lots.
 Hybrid parking lot
due to the large parking volume and the small space, the parking lot that adopts the combination of self-supporting layout and mechanical equipment is called hybrid parking lot.
 Non-motor vehicle parking lot
A site used to park non-motorized vehicles (mainly bicycles) is called a non-motorized vehicle parking lot. According to the installation conditions, there are three types: temporary parking on the road, special parking off the road, and residential parking lot.

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