RICJ Manual Parking Lot Lock Barrier

Short Description:

Net Weight
12 months
Effective Control Range
Rise/Fall Running Time
Environment Temperature
Effective Load
Protection Grade
Battery Types
Dry Battery, Lithium Battery, Solar Battery
Control Ways
Remote Controller, Car Sensor, Phone Control

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RICJ Manual Parking Lock

Product advantages of parking locks:
1. Simple structure, convenient switch, sturdy and durable, beautiful style;
2. The lock and the support rod are integrated, and a special lock with a certain anti-theft performance is selected;
3. The support rod is made of alloy steel so that the whole mechanism has a certain strength;
4. The overall height of the lock is 5CM, which will not affect the passage of any vehicle after installation;
5. The overall strength is high. Generally, the car is rolled onto the lock due to mishandling and will not cause damage to the lock;
6. Due to the certain width, the space between two adjacent parking space locks cannot be parked, so as to ensure that the parking space will not be occupied.

Product Key Features

-With a strong waterproof shockproof function.
-An external force index is high, and not easy to damage.
-Product is durable, lasting effect.
-Battery life: normal 6 months.
-Size: 460×495×90mm; Net weight: 8.5 kg/unit.
Additional value of products
-Intelligent management improves management efficiency
This product is made of high-quality steel, with reliable performance and quality, flexible and convenient operation.
This product is installed and fixed on the parking space to protect and control the parking space and prevent other vehicles from occupying it.
At the same time, the humanized design will not affect the vehicle entering and leaving the parking space, which provides great convenience for the owner, property, and parking lot.
Features of parking lock: beautiful appearance, unique design, fine workmanship, easy to use, never fade, reliable performance and quality, flexible and convenient operation, parking lock, made of high-quality steel

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