High Quality Heavy Duty Parking Bollards

Short Description:

Brand Name
Product Type
High Quality Manual assisted lift retractable bollards
304, 316, 201 stainless steel for your choice
1100mm, customized height.
Rising Height
600mm, other height
Rising part Diameter
219mm (OEM: 133mm,168mm, 273mm etc.)
Steel Thickness
6mm, customized thickness
Collision level
K4 K8 K12
Unit Operating Voltage
By a key to control bollard ascend and descend, no electricity need
Operating Temperature
-45℃ to +75℃
Dustproof and waterproof level
Optional Function
Traffic Lamp, Solar light, Hand Pump, Safety Photocell, Reflective tape/sticker

Optional Color

Brushed titanium gold, champagne, rose gold, Brown, red, purple, sapphire blue, gold, dark blue paint, chocolate, stainless steel,
Chinese red paint

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RICJ Installation procedure

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Product Core Values
▲The whole machine is fully sealed with an IP68 design, and the protection degree of the drive part is in accordance with the provisions of GB4208-2008.
▲220V voltage movement dustproof and waterproof grade IP68 can be used for water,
 not afraid of rain and guilt, the movement is smooth, powerful, fast, and adapts to any harsh environment.
▲Working temperature: -35° to 80°
▲220V movement rising force: ≥250kg.
▲EPS power supply(battery), voltage 12V, capacity 12AH.
The safety voltage and EPS emergency power supply are emergency decompression devices.
 When the AC220V is not connected, the EPS can be used to complete the rising bollard.
▲There are LED warning lights and reflective identification tapes at the top of the bollard. After the lowering,
 the lights are hidden and protected, and the vehicle is not crushed.
 During the operation of the rising bollard, the amount of light is a warning,
 and after the bollard of the rising bollard is completely lowered,
 the warning light on the ground can be clearly observed in the distance at night.
 The bollard is attached to the engineering-grade anti-cursor, and the width is 50mm.
▲The rising speed is 1-5 seconds, which can meet the anti-terrorism and anti-collision requirements.
 If the time is more than 6 seconds, the time is too long, the emergency anti-terrorism effect will not be achieved,
 and the anti-terrorism and anti-collision requirements will not be met.
Product Value Added
- Impact resistance: There are 4 diameter anti-collision brackets inside, which will extend the impact point to 1000m depth. Blocking the vehicle, the impact force is 200 kilojoules,
 and the rising bollards installed at the same intersection can be grouped up and down or with the same lift.
- The rising bollard is easy to maintain, the integrated rising road bollard can be disassembled, and the wiring pipe is made of 76 PVC pipe, which is convenient for maintenance. 
- Electro-hydraulic integrated rising and riot-proof bollard, with remote control, manual, intelligent, and other rich control rising methods, the bollard is lowered and flush with the ground.
 The equipment is mainly used for controlling vehicles in and out and is used to block vehicles, violence, or Non-violent control collisions. 
Effectively block vehicles from entering forbidden, banned, controlled areas, and malicious levels, the device has a high anti-collision function, stability, and security. 
The speed of rising is fast, and it is an advanced anti-terrorism and anti-riot, car blocking facility.
- The rising bollard adopts a hydraulic integrated micro-drive unit to drive the riot-proof road bollard rising, mandatory interception,
 blocking the vehicle, strong anti-collision ability, simple and flexible operation, stable hydraulic integrated movement, fast and stable movement, no noise, safe and reliable.
- The fully automatic hydraulic integrated rising bollard is composed of the main mechanical structure,
 the hydraulic integrated power unit, and the electronic control system.
- Main machinery: mainly consists of the flange, anti-collision guide rail, load-bearing plate, anti-collision device, stainless steel 304# steel pipe, and so on. 
The whole machine is made of metal structure and has strong load-bearing and anti-collision capability. 
It is mainly composed of a micro-hydraulic integrated movement, which is the power source of the entire rising bollard system. 
- Rising bollards can be used in conjunction with parking lots and vehicle management control systems or separately;
 specially designed and developed products for sensitive areas to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering, with high crashworthiness, stability, and safety.
-Based on the concept of environmental protection, raw materials are made from refined steel, materials sustainable recycling.
-To flexible keeping order out of chaos, and pedestrian traffic diversion. 
-To protect the environment in good condition, protect the personal security, and property intact.
-Decorate the drab surroundings
-Management of parking Spaces and warnings and alerts
Specification table for rising bollard
Technical parameters of fully automatic hydraulic integrated rising road bollard (diameter 219 Wall thickness 6.0mm * 600mm high)
Specification model
The main technical parameters
LED Light
Voltage: 12V
360 degrees embedded in the groove of the covering control on
Reflective tape
1 pcs
Width(mm): 50Thickness(mm): 0.5
Carbon steel rising bollards
Q235 Carbon steel
Diameter(mm): 219
Wall thickness(mm): 6
rising height(mm): 600
The total length of the cylinder(mm): 750
Surface treatment: galvanized and powder coated, Imported paint, anti-friction
Rubber band
Material: rubber
Protect the stainless steel surface from friction damage when rising the bollards
4 pcs
Easy to disassemble the rising bollards
Bollard cover 
Q235 Carbon steel
Diameter(mm): 400
The whole machine shell is fully sealed design IP68
Embedded parts
Steel Q235
Wiring tube

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