RICJ manual retractable traffic tyre killer TK-101-P

Short Description:

Load:22 tons

Material of steel: Q235/ carbon steel

Light: Red/green LED traffic light

Power: 220 V, 1 Phase, 50-60 Hz

Push button box: Raise, lower, stop (optional)

Loop detector: This detector is used for safety

Power Back-up System Options: Backup battery

Product Detail

Product Tags

The automatic tire killer is composed of heavy spikes rising from the ground; it acts as an access control barrier,
which prevents unauthorized vehicles from passing through or allowing exit from a regulated area.
It can be installed with other access control elements (such as bollards, barricades, or gates) to achieve the highest security level of access control checkpoints.
Tire Killer can use many optional items to configure each individual system. Safety system with 80 mm high steel nails.
The tire killer uses mechanical movement and counterweights to only allow vehicles to exit from a supervised area, but prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering;
it is usually used for perimeter protection at the exits of companies, hotels, conference centers, and similar venues.
 The available lengths are 2.000 mm, 3.000 mm, 4.000 mm, 5.000 mm, and 6.000 mm.
Product Core Features
-Strong and durable structure, high load-bearing, movements smooth, low noise.
-Independent research and development dedicated system control, system operation is stable and reliable performance, ease of integration.
-Punctured and brake linkage control and other equipment can also be combined with other control equipment, and automatic control.
-In the event of a power out or breakdown, such as when the tire breaker is in a rising state and needs to be lowered, the open blade can be manually lowered to the level of the ground to allow vehicles to pass, and vice versa, it can also be raised manually.
-Adopting the international leading low-voltage driving technology, the whole system has high security, reliability, and stability。
-Remote control: by means of wireless remote control, can be in control within the scope of around 30 meters remote control the rise and fall of the punctured device; At the same time can wire control access will hold
-The following functions be added according to the user's requirements:
  A: card-swiping control: add a card-swiping device, which can control the rise and fall of the tire breaker by swiping;
 B: Road Gate and Barrier Linkage: add road gate access control, can realize road gate, access control, and barrier linkage;
C: With Computer Management System or charging system connection: Can Connect Management System and charging system, it's controlled by a computer.
-Overall punctured equipment material Q235 steel.
-Surface painting treatment, protection class IP68.
Product Value Added
-Environmental durability: Galvanized steel and yellow-black painted, cabinet powder coated
- Stop and warning by vehicle
-To flexible keep order out of chaos and pedestrian traffic diversion. 
-To protect the environment in good condition, protect the personal security, and property intact.
-Decorate the drab surroundings
-Management of parking Spaces and warnings and alerts

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