Heavy duty Road blocker with spikes

Short Description:

Material:Q235, A3 steel

Weight:500 – 4000KGS/pc

Width:1000 – 8000mm (OEM)

Rising Height:400 – 600mm, other height

Lift and Drop Time:2 – 6s, adjustable

Steel Thickness:20mm, customized thickness

Engine Power:3.7KW

Movement Mechanism:Hydraulic

Unit Operating Voltage:Supply voltage: 380V (control voltage 24V)

Operating Temperature:-45to +75

Pressure:120 tons of container trucks

Protect Level:IP68 (dustproof, waterproof)

Anti-collision Level:K12 (equivalent to a car of 6800kg weight with 120km/h speed hits it, car is blocked, the equipment works as usual)

Traffic barrier road blocker on the market are generally flip-type single-side roadblocks and are equipped with a spear tip .

It’s used in traffic safety and can achieve the purpose of quickly and safely intercepting vehicles.

Product Detail

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Product Details

roadblock (1)

1. Dense spikes,strong warning.

roadblock (2)

2. LED light and Reflective warning tape,the eye-catching effect at night reminds vehicles to run in by mistake.

roadblock (3)

3. The main frame uses A3 carbon steel:The material is hot-dip galvanized and anti-corrosive, durable and does not rust.


4.  Panel thickness can be customized:16mm/ 20mm/ 25mm.


Product Core Features
-Mainly to prevent vehicles, if the vehicle needs to pass, after the roadblock cover to raised falls back to the horizontal position, the vehicles that are allowed to pass safety.
-The warning light of the roadblock machine lights up to warn the driving and passersby to keep their distance
-The roadblock is automatically lifted and lowered by the inductive detection automatic command of the roadblock device or the manual button operation; to control the lane, the door is released or closed.
 To effectively prevent vehicles from forcibly punching.   
-Strong and durable structure, high load-bearing, movements smooth, low noise.
-Independent research and development dedicated system control, system operation is stable and reliable performance, ease of integration.
-Punctured and brake linkage control and other equipment can also be combined with other control equipment, and automatic control.
-In the event of a power out or breakdown, such as when the tire breaker is in a rising state and needs to be lowered, the open blade can be manually lowered to the level of the ground to allow vehicles to pass, and vice versa, it can also be raised manually.
-Adopting the international leading low-voltage driving technology, the whole system has high security, reliability, and stability。
-Remote control: by means of wireless remote control, can be in control within the scope of around 30 meters remote control the rise and fall of the punctured device; At the same time can wire control access will hold
-The following functions be added according to the user's requirements:
  A: card-swiping control: add a card-swiping device, which can control the rise and fall of the tire breaker by swiping;
 B: Road Gate and Barrier Linkage: add road gate access control, can realize road gate, access control, and barrier linkage;
 C: With Computer Management System or charging system connection: Can Connect Management System and charging system, it's controlled by a computer.
-Overall punctured equipment material Q235 steel.
-Surface painting treatment, protection class IP68.
Product Value Added
- Stop and warning by vehicle
-To flexible keep order out of chaos and pedestrian traffic diversion. 
-To protect the environment in good condition, protect the personal security, and property intact.
-Decorate the drab surroundings
-Management of parking Spaces and warnings and alerts
Product specifications:
1. Our company Chengdu RICJ intelligent technology Co., Ltd. focuses on research and development, with the purpose to improve the product’s anti-obstacle performance, increase the possibility of product safety,
 and adopt a high standard Hydraulic system, in which is adjustable pressure should be adjusted below 50KGF, the highest should not exceed 70KGF.
2.With quickly open and closing time(2-6S), and K12 anti-collision force(it’s like a car crashing at a speed of 120km/h, but our roadblock can still work normally to stop it.)
3. For the power of traffic barrier road blocker, usually need 380V supply voltage(control voltage 24V), system power-up to 3.7KW, with the huge capacity it is can endure the pressure capability of 120 tons of container trucks.
4.In addition to the protection function, we also set the traffic barrier more durable and the IP68 protection level makes blacker more dustproof, and waterproof.
5.Based on consideration of temperature and season, our road blocker can also withstand low temperatures and high temperatures, the range of working temperature is -45°C---75°C.
 And with the features of rainproof, moisture-proof, and dustproof, the barrier also can keep well in a -10°C---75°C storage environment.
6.For safety and warning, the blocker also installs LCD and LED controller reminders when the barrier is controlled by a remote control system to realize wireless control up and down within 30 meters range.
7.We wanna provide more smart machines and automatic systems to improve more user experience. So also equipped with swiping card system and a built-in card reader to control bollards up and down.
 Also connected with computer management or charging systems to make road barrier integrate with bollards that built-in access control realizes road barrier, A/C and bollards by one card controlled.

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