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rising bollards is a product used for vehicle protection in garages, parking lots, hotels, airports, government agencies, etc. We can customize our products according to the specific vehicle blocking needs of customers, , To play a role in blocking vehicles and protecting the safety of life and property.

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Bollard Size And Control Box Size

Overall structure of road bollard products

The Automatic rising barrier bollards offer easy-to-use functions combined with modern and simple style to be suitable for surroundings.

It's easy set in private car parks, drives, commercial properties, etc. it has advantages of safety and space-saving, at the same time have light reminders with LED light of voltage 12V/24V/220V, and 3M reflective identification tapes better protect vehicles.

The product is 50mm wide and 0.5mm thick, with SS 304 stainless steel bollard cover fully sealed design in IP68, no matter it is snowy or rainy, it will not affect the use.

With the material of stainless steel and brushed wire, polished surface treatment, make the barrier have a long life and better protect the product from corrosion, effectively reducing the scratch and damage of the rising barriers.

And about embedded parts, in addition to using Q235 stain steel, we use the hot-dip galvanizing and spraying process on its surface that can be stored for up to 20 years to ensure that it will not be easily corroded and damaged underground.

Automatic lifting pile guardrail will bring you more sense of security, more comfortable, and experience of smart life.

Installation Procedure

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Specification table for rising bollard

Technical parameters of fully automatic hydraulic rising bollard (diameter 219 Wall thickness 6.0mm * 600mm high)



Specification model

The main technical parameters


LED Light Voltage: 12V/24V/220V
  1. 360 degrees embedded in the groove of the cover
  2. Acrylic inlay LED lights, 20-year life
  3. Timing control


3M Reflective tape 1 pcs Width (mm): 50Thickness (mm): 0.5Waterproof and dustproof


Stainless steel rising bollards SS 304 stainless steel Diameter(mm):219
Wall thickness(mm):6
rising height(mm):600
The total length of bollard(mm):750
Surface treatment: stainless steel color, brushed and polished


Rubber band Material: rubber Protect the stainless steel surface from friction damage when rising the bollards


Screw 4 pcs Easy to disassemble the rising bollards


Bollard cover SS 304 stainless steel  Diameter(mm):400
The whole machine shell is fully sealed design IP68


Embedded parts Q235 Steel Size(mm):325*325*1110±30mmThe surface is hot-dip galvanized and sprayed, which can be used for more than 20 years


Wiring tube  



Installation Diagram

 RICJ Specifications To Show

Brand Name
Product Type
Road Traffic bolardo automatico precio bolardos metalicos bolardos metalicos
304, 316, 201 stainless steel for your choice
1100mm, customized height.
Rising Height
600mm, other height
Rising part Diameter
219mm (OEM: 133mm,168mm, 273mm etc.)
Steel Thickness
6mm, customized thickness
Engine Power
Movement Mechanism
Unit Operating Voltage
Supply voltage: 380V (control voltage 24V)
Operating Temperature
-30℃ to +80℃
Dustproof and waterproof level
Optional Function
Traffic Lamp, Solar light, Hand Pump, Safety Photocell, Reflective tape/sticker

Optional Color

Brushed titanium gold, champagne, rose gold, Brown, red, purple, sapphire blue, gold, dark blue paint, chocolate, stainless steel,
Chinese red paint
black (4)

Impact resistance

A waterproof joint with 76 PVC pipes is disassembled and easy to maintain, which is convenient for maintenance after N years.

Advanced facility of anti-terrorism and anti-riot. If you encounter a situation where the car is out of control or damaged by malicious driving,

our equipment adopts a hydraulic integrated micro-drive unit to drive the riot-proof road bollard rising will stop it very well.

Effectively block vehicles from entering forbidden, banned, controlled areas, malicious levels, the device has a high anti-collision function, stability, and security

It’s can be easily use vehicle management control systems or separately to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering, with high crashworthiness, stability, and safety.

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