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TK-102  type remote control, manual portable tire killer is an upgraded product of the old-fashioned car stop. This product is light in weight, easy to carry in emergency. It is an ideal equipment for the armed police forces and public security police to carry out tasks such as counter-terrorism, squad, riot prevention, interception of suspected vehicles, and setting block interception etc.

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Product Core Features
- Remote control and manual control two paragraphs
-Pull out the second button of the box, open the box, remove the roadblock tire breaker and place it on one side of the road,
 with the person holding the nylon rope attached to the plastic barrier on the other side of the road.
 When you see the suspicious vehicle, pull the rope to stretch the tire breaker. Workers can stand in a safe position and use the barrier tire breaker.
-After use should be timely replacement of the loss and damage of steel nails and glue, packaged for future use.
-After using, press the remote to automatically close the tire breaker.
-After unfolding, the product covers a large area.
-Effective length of 2 to 7 M is adjustable.
-Charging times are 5-6h, can be retracted more than 100 times continuously, and standby time is greater than or equal to 100H.
-Working voltage 10-12 V, 1.5 A current.
-Advanced design concept. The remote control traction drive is adopted to realize the full-automatic shrink and release.
-Small size and lightweight. The overall weight of the car stop is less than 8kg, which is convenient for individual soldiers.
-The control distance can be adjusted. The length of the control can be freely selected according to the actual needs within 7 meters.
-Remote control distance is far. The over-control distance is more than 50 meters, which is convenient for the operator's concealment and safety protection.
-Strong blocking ability. The nail and belt are separated from the design, and the effect of breaking the tire is good.
-The equipment box is made of alloy material, which is resistant to cold and fall and has a long service life. The metal parts are rust-proofed and the power battery can be recharged.
-Manual, automatic dual-use, easy and fast operation.
-The box body is made of a high-strength alloy plate, which is resistant to cold and fall.
Product Value Added
- Stop and warning by vehicle
-To flexible keep order out of chaos and pedestrian traffic diversion. 
-To protect the environment in good condition, protect the personal security, and property intact.
-Decorate the drab surroundings
 -Management of parking Spaces and warnings and alerts

Operation and Use

A. Place the equipment box on the flat road surface with the traction device facing the unfolding direction.

B. Open the link latches on both sides of the box.

C. Press the red power switch to turn on the power to the traction unit.

D. Pull out the remote control antenna, press and hold the “forward” button (upper button) of the remote control, and unfold the belt to the desired length release button. If you need to close the belt and press the “back” button (down button), Release the button after closing.

E. When closing the box, press the red power switch to turn off the power.

F. Raise the box, match the traction device to the nail belt box interface, and press the two side locks.

G. If it cannot be operated remotely because of electrical and mechanical failure, after the lock is opened, the belt can be pulled out by the hand-held traction device and the layout can be completed manually.

Matters need attention

A. Due to the sharpness of the car nails, please be careful during operation and maintenance to prevent stab wounds and scratches.

B. When laying out, try to choose a road section with a smooth road surface.

C. There must be a special person in the vicinity of the nail belt to avoid accidental injury to pedestrians and vehicles.

D. Make sure the power supply is sufficient and the remote control is normal before use.

E. Be sure to turn off the power after use.

F. After the equipment standby time exceeds 100 hours or if it is used more than 50 times on the same day, it must be charged to avoid the equipment being unable to be used normally due to excessive battery discharge.

G. When the remote control indicator light is red, it indicates that the remote control battery is low. It needs to be replaced in time, otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment.

H. Charging is carried out in constant voltage and turbulent mode. It will not cause damage to the equipment battery due to long-term charging. The equipment can be used normally after 2-3 hours of charging. The equipment is idle - it takes two hours to charge for more than one month.

I. It is strictly forbidden to give the reverse direction travel command suddenly during remote control travel, otherwise, the circuit or motor will be damaged due to excessive instantaneous current.

J. It is strictly forbidden for any person to appear within 20 meters of the direction of the inertia of the intercepted vehicle and the nail belt to avoid injury to the personnel caused by the loss of control after the vehicle is broken.

K. There is a delay function in the equipment circuit, and the remote control operator has the proper advance amount.

L. Do not drop, bump or press the equipment box during use to avoid damage to the parts.

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