A Type parking spacing lock remote control

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Fashionable appearance design: the surface is painted, the surface is smooth and clean; the arm may be 460mm in the rising position; Operate without authorization or try to lower the arm’s external force to sound an alarm; Waterproof: the parking barrier is well immersed in the water; Anti-theft: install bolts inside to make it impossible; Compression resistance: The shell is made of 3mm steel and is strong. Power status indicator: When the current is less than 4.5V, there will be an alarm sound.

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    Product Key Features
    -With a strong waterproof shockproof function.
    -An external force index is high, and not easy to damage.
    -Product is durable, lasting effect.
    -Remote control distance: 50 to 80 meters.
    -Current: DC 6V-7AH or DC 6V-12AH, 0.8-0.86A (working state), less than 0.4A (standby).
    -Battery life: normal 6 months.
    -Size: 460×495×90mm;Net weight: 8.5 kg/unit.
    Additional value of products
    -Intelligent management improves management efficiency
    Smart parking lock: Smart parking lock is a parking lock that can be connected and controlled with various devices, such as charging piles, computers, mobile apps, WeChat applets, etc.
    Its function is to prevent others from occupying their own car parking spaces so that their cars can be parked at any time, and at the same time,
    the parking spaces can be shared and rented out when the parking space locks are not used.
    The research and development of this kind of parking space lock are to solve the problem that common remote control parking space locks cannot realize the shared parking space.


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