Parking lock

The remote control parking lock is actually a complete automated mechanical equipment. Must have: control system, drive system, power supply. Therefore, it is impossible to avoid the size problem and the service life of the power supply. In particular, the power supply is the bottleneck of the development of remote control parking locks. Because the driving current is relatively large, the general remote control parking locks are powered by lead-acid maintenance-free batteries, and everyone knows that the battery has self-discharge problems. It must be recharged within a few months, otherwise it will soon be scrapped.

Parking lock

But to take out the battery from the parking lock and hold it upstairs to charge it overnight, and then put it in the parking lock, I believe that many car owners are unwilling to do it.

Therefore, the ultimate direction of the remote control parking lock is: reduce power consumption, reduce standby current, and use dry battery power. If the battery can be replaced only once more than a year, users will generally accept it. However, the common phenomenon of parking locks is that the battery life cycle is only tens of days, some even more than ten days. Such a high charging frequency will undoubtedly increase the user’s troubles. Therefore, there is an urgent market demand for parking locks that have a battery life of more than one year.

Parking lock1

Post time: Nov-18-2021

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