Stainless Steel Bicycle Parking Rack

Short Description:

Brand Name RICJ
Product Type Stainless steel bike rack
Material 304/316L stainless steel
Surface Brushed
Size OEM
Tube Diameter 50mm,OEM
Thickness of wall 3 mm, OEM
Base 200*200mm,OEM

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RICJ bicycle parking rack is a device to which bikes can be securely attached for parking purposes. It’s can be free-standing or securely attached to the ground or some stationary object such as a building or doorway.

The visibility of the bike rack, adequate spacing from automobile parking and pedestrian traffic, weather coverage, and proximity to destinations are all important factors determining a bicycle rack. These factors will help increase usage of the bike rack, and assure cyclists their bike is securely parked.

Bicycle racks are widely used in the international market. They can park bicycles in a regular manner and make the streets tidy.

There will be some subtle differences in different shapes and functions.

With more style: spiral type, round type, triangle type, rectangle type

Different shapes can accommodate different numbers of bicycles

The new type of bicycle parking rack uses a device for parking bicycles, especially a bicycle parking rack. The bicycle parking rack has the following characteristics:

Save a lot of space, thereby providing more parking spaces for cars;

Managing bicycles chaos and more orderly;

Low price;

Maximizing space utilization;

Humanized design, suitable for the living environment;

Easy to operate;

Improving safety, design Unique, safe, and reliable to use;

Easy to pick and place the car.

The bicycle parking device not only beautifies the appearance of the city,but also facilitates the orderly parking of bicycles and electric vehicles by the masses.

It also prevents the occurrence of thefts,and is highly praised by the masses.

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