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Support Stainless steel flagpole, aluminum flag pole
4.8m, 6.2m, 7.5m, 15ft, 20ft, 25ft, 30ft
round straight
telescopic, portable, install easily
Wall Thickness
38mm, 42mm, 46mm, 51mm
Finial Ball, Hang rod, Halyard rope, Base
garden, beach, street, building, lawn

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 RICJ stainless steel external halyard flag pole is one of the most popular styles sold, which is designed to meet the most exacting architecture standards and is great for applying to awards, opening, and closing ceremonies of large and small sports events.

This commercial use stainless steel flagpole made from stainless steel 304 is available in size from 20ft to 60ft, basically can against wind speed from 140 Km/hour to 250Km/hour, making them designed to be safely flown in areas that have high winds.

In addition, if you need a flag pole that goes up and down, we can also provide you with the corresponding technology.

Pole: The pole shaft is rolled by stainless steel sheet, and integrated into shape.

Flag: The matching flag can be provided at a surcharge.

Anchor Base: The base plate is square with slotted holes for anchor bolts, fabricated from Q235.The base plate and pole shaft are circumferentially welded top and bottom.

Anchor BoltsFabricated from galvanized steel Q235, Bolts are provided with four foundation bolts, three flat washers, and lock washers. Each pole is offer one piece of rib reinforcement.

Finish: The standard finish for this commercial stainless steel flag pole is satin brush finished. Additional finish options and colors are available according to customers’ requests. 


  1. Ball head with 360 degrees can be rotated with the wind, the flag flutters in the wind and does not entangle
  2. With a manual device built-in and a Smooth lifting device, lifting 10000times is not bad.
  3. Hand crank work efficiently, save strength , and better control the flag
  4. Beaded flagpole, the accessories parallel bar design help to fixe flag and easy to remove
  5. With built-in wire rope, more durable and not easy to break
  6. The flagpoles sell well in many countries and are suitable for various large-scale international and domestic events, such as sports events, concerts, museums, factories, international business centers, large shopping malls, and large enterprises.
  7. The use of high-quality and high-density materials provides a flagpole that is strong, hard to break, and has excellent wind resistance
  8. In addition to the regular lifting style flagpole, we also have optional additional functions as follows show:

8.1 Electric lifting device, which includes electric motor and control2pcs remote control. There are also have 3 levels of power for it. 25W can be easy rise up to 8-12meters;40W can be up to 13-25meters quickly; 26-35meters just need 120W power.

8.2 One device that we highly recommend in windless areas is the flag flying machine. Like indoor swimming pools, indoor gymnasium, indoor museum, and other indoor places. Also, it needs a relatively large amount of electricity to control flag and keep it working. power be 3000W(8-12meters);4000W (13-35meters).  Another thing to note is that the machine needs to be buried in the ground to ensure its normal operation. And size be :800x700x900mm

8.3 The last related is the solar panel system, it includes a solar panel,  controller, lead-acid battery

   The Solar panel needs the power to be 12V 80W and monocrystalline with 670x530mm

   Controller power be 12V10A  ; lead-acid battery power be 12V 65A


Welcome to contact us Email: ricj@cd-ricj.com

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