Application of hydraulic rising column in airport

Because the airport is a busy transportation hub, it guarantees the take-off and landing of various flights, and there will be crossings for vehicles to enter and exit in various areas of the airport. Therefore, hydraulic lifting columns play a very important role in the airport. The operator can control the lift by means of electric, remote control or card swiping, which can effectively prevent the entry of vehicles from outside units and the intrusion of illegal vehicles. Usually, the hydraulic lifting column is in a raised state, which restricts the entry and exit of vehicles. In case of emergency or special circumstances (such as fire, first aid, leader inspection, etc.), the roadblock can be quickly lowered to facilitate the passage of vehicles. Today, RICJ Electromechanical will explain the lifting and lowering column for you. Part.
1. Pile body part: The pile body part of the hydraulic lifting column is generally made of A3 steel or stainless steel. A3 steel is sprayed at high temperature, and stainless steel is polished, sandblasted, and matt.

2. Structural shell: The structural shell of the hydraulic lifting column adopts a steel frame iron plate structure, and its exterior is generally treated with anti-rust treatment and has a line interface.

3. Internal lifting frame: The internal lifting frame of the hydraulic lifting column can keep the column running smoothly during the lifting process.

4. The upper and lower flanges of the one-piece casting can ensure that the system has good anti-destructive performance, which greatly improves the anti-collision ability of the hydraulic lifting column.
The operation principle of the hydraulic lifting column is easy to understand, the performance is stable and reliable, and it is easy to operate in daily use. It is one of the strong guarantees for the air defense of the airport.

Post time: Feb-17-2022

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