RICJ stainless steel fixed bollard LB -103

Short Description:

Brand Name
Product Type
Safe High Quality stainless led bollard stainless steel grade 316 bollards with led
304, 316, 201 stainless steel for your choice
1100mm, customized height.
Rising Height
600mm, other height
Rising part Diameter
219mm (OEM: 133mm,168mm, 273mm etc.)
Steel Thickness
6mm, customized thickness
Engine Power
Movement Mechanism
Unit Operating Voltage
Supply voltage: 380V (control voltage 24V)
Operating Temperature
-45℃ to +75℃
Dustproof and waterproof level
Optional Function
Traffic Lamp, Solar light, Hand Pump, Safety Photocell, Reflective tape/sticker

Optional Color

Brushed titanium gold, champagne, rose gold, Brown, red, purple, sapphire blue, gold, dark blue paint, chocolate, stainless steel,
Chinese red paint

Product Detail

Product Tags

RICJ’s fixed bollards road piles are made of 304 or 316L. 
In someplace like commercial squares, hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, and other public that have high-traffic areas, vehicles need to be blocked without hindering pedestrians.
 Key Operated:
 -The anti-impact ability is stronger and the diameter is bigger than the generally fixed bollards.
-Including the embedded part, the embedded part height of 600 MM.
-The reflective band section can be customized for width and color.
-It can be used for the installation of the bitumen floors.
-Can provide installation and installation recommendations.
- Surface polishing and hairline treatment.
- Personalised content supported to add to your bollard if required.
Product Value Added:
 -Based on the concept of environmental protection, raw materials are made from refined steel, materials sustainable recycling.
-To flexible keep order out of chaos, and pedestrian traffic diversion. 
-To protect the environment in good condition, protect the personal security, and property intact.
-Decorate the drab surroundings
 -Management of parking Spaces and warnings and alerts
contact us: ricj@cd-ricj.com

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