Semi-automatic Rising Bollards

Short Description:

An effective semi-automatic rising bollard for driveway access control or car parking reservation applications where a high level of security is not the overriding factor. Can be integrated with our range of automatic rising bollards.

Diameter: 219mm.

Raised height: 600mm.

Pull up weight: Semi-automatic (0 kg).

Steel gauge: 6mm.

Lock: Integral (1 tool supplied).

Q235 carbon steel or 304-grade Stainless Steel.

Product Detail

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Key Operated:
- Semi-automatic bollard LB-102 is a gas lift bollard designed to protect places and be used for traffic control in private and public areas.
-When using the need to unlock with a key, unlock after post up automatically; If you don't use it, need to manually press the cylinder, with the key lock up
-With flanged cylinders to provide housing for the rising bollard and air pump unit.
 -The installation is simple, and the construction cost is low, does not need to lay the underground hydraulic pipe; the underground needs to bury the line pipe.
-The failure of a single lifting bollard will not affect the use of another bollard.
-It is suitable for group control of more than two groups.
-Embedded barrel surface with hot-dip galvanized coating light anti-corrosion technology, can reach more than 20 years of life in a damp environment.
-The bottom plate of the pre-buried barrel is provided with a water seepage opening.
-The surface of the body polishing and hairline treatment.
-Quick Lift, 3-6s, adjustable.
-Can be customized to read cards, remote card swiping, license plate recognition, remote control functions, and infrared sensor linkage.
-Hydraulic Power movement is waterproof and dustproof
Product Value Added:
 -Based on the concept of environmental protection, raw materials are made from refined steel, materials sustainable recycling.
-To flexible keep order out of chaos, and pedestrian traffic diversion. 
-To protect the environment in good condition, protect the personal security, and property intact.
-Decorate the drab surroundings
-Management of parking Spaces and warnings and alerts  
Unlock the method of use:
Insert the key to rotated 90°clockwise to unlock
Bollard automatically rises with the energy storage component
Bollard rises in place and automatically locks
Insert the key counterclockwise to rotate 90°unlock
Force down the top of the product, the bollard decline
Bollard completely down , automatically locked


Large telescopic type-underground (concrete pouring underground).
Base box: 815mm x 325mm x 4mm galvanized steel.
Depth required: 965 mm (including 150 mm for drainage).
 Suitable for flat or sloping ground. All hard and soft surfaces.
 Areas with high groundwater levels may experience slow drainage.
 Not suitable for places with frequent floods.
 Please note: When lowering, this bollard should not be in the tire path of passing vehicles.
The installation process is suggested as shown in the right figure semi-automatic rising bollard with internal gas spring.
No wiring or 230V power supply is required.
No manual lifting weight is required.
 Rapid rising, turn the valve and the bollard will rise.
 Automatically locks into the raised and lowered position.
76kg overall product weight.
 Our products have one year warranty

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