Technical requirements for prevention

Because this roadblock protects all places with a security level of the first level, its security level is the highest, so the technical requirements for prevention are relatively high:
First of all, the hardness and sharpness of the thorns should be up to standard. The tire puncture of the road puncture roadblock not only bears the pressure of the car, but also the impact force of the vehicle moving forward, so the hardness and toughness of the road puncture are very challenging. The one-piece casted thorn will have a stronger hardness than the steel thorn that is cut and polished from a steel plate, and the hardness also determines the sharpness. Only the thorns with the hardness up to the standard will be sharp when they have a sharp shape. The one-piece stainless steel cast barb completely meets such conditions.
Secondly, the hydraulic power unit should be placed underground (anti-collision damage, waterproof, anti-corrosion). The hydraulic power unit is the heart of the road barricade. It must be installed in a hidden place (buried) to increase the difficulty of terrorist destruction and prolong the destruction time. Buried in the ground puts forward higher requirements for the waterproof and anti-corrosion properties of the device. The road barricade is recommended to use an integrated sealed oil pump and oil cylinder, with a waterproof level of IP68, which can work normally under water for a long time; the overall frame is recommended to be hot-dip galvanized to ensure corrosion resistance for more than 10 years.
Real picture of tire breaker (road puncture barricade) installation
Real pictures of tire breaker (road puncture barricade) installation (7 photos)
Again, use a variety of control methods. If there is only one control method, then the control terminal becomes the soft underbelly for terrorists to undermine the defense line. For example, if only the remote control is used, the terrorists can use the signal jammer to make the remote control fail; if only the wire control (control box) is used, then Once the control box is destroyed, the barricade becomes a decoration. Therefore, it is best to coexist with multiple control methods: the control box is placed on the desktop of the security room for routine control; the control box is located in the central control room for remote monitoring and operation; the remote control is carried with you for operation in case of emergency; There are foot-operated, concealed, etc., which can be used as an alternative in very emergency situations. Last but not least is the power-off mode of operation, in the event of terrorists cutting or destroying the circuit, or a temporary power outage, there is a backup power supply to ensure the normal operation of the device. There is also a manual pressure relief device. If there is a power failure when it is in the rising state, and there is a car that needs to be released, a manual pressure relief device must be used.

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