parking lock

The research and development technology of parking locks is advancing by leaps and bounds, but the battery can be used for more than one year on a single charge, and parking locks with waterproof and shockproof functions are rare. A leader in R&D capability companies. The battery breaks the restriction of frequent charging and only needs to be charged once a year. The principle is the low energy consumption of this kind of parking lock, the maximum standby current is 0.6 mA, and the current during exercise is about 2 A, which greatly saves power consumption.
On the other hand, if parking locks are placed in parking lots or open spaces, they require strong waterproof, shock-proof and anti-collision functions, and high resistance to external forces. The above-mentioned shapes of parking locks cannot be comprehensive. Anti-collision. Some remote control parking locks use unique anti-collision technology, no matter how force is applied from any angle, it will not cause damage to the machine body, and truly achieve 360° anti-collision; and use skeleton oil seal and O-ring for sealing, waterproof and dust proof, protect the machine The internal parts of the body are not corroded, and the circuit short circuit is effectively prevented. These two technologies greatly increase the service life of the parking lock.

Post time: Jan-07-2022

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