Cause and solution of failure of hydraulic rising bollard column

When we use the equipment, we can not avoid the problem of equipment failure in use. In particular, it is difficult to avoid the problem of equipment such as this hydraulic lifting column which is often used, so what can we do to fix the problem? Here is a list of common failures and solutions.

In the process of using mechanical equipment, it is inevitable that there will be small problems of this kind. Generally, the mechanical equipment is guaranteed by the manufacturer for one year free of charge. For the small problems that occur in the process of use, it is good for the manufacturer to solve it, but it is better to know more about it and timely. It may be a good thing to solve the problem. It can not only be used in time, but also saves a lot of money for maintenance after the warranty period. Then take a look below.

1. Replacement of hydraulic oil: In winter, due to the cold weather, 32 # hydraulic oil should be used, and the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time, because the temperature will affect the hydraulic oil viscosity of the hydraulic lifting column platform, which is easily forgotten and should be done. Ready to work.

2 The quality problem of the hydraulic lifting column platform: the production size of the support rod is inconsistent, which belongs to the quality defect of the lifting platform equipment itself. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer for replacement. When the axis of the rod is inconsistent, it will cause the lifting platform to not work properly, so the platform will be seriously damaged, please check carefully.

3. Hydraulic system failure: The loss of the lifting column is serious, the closed circuit is damaged unevenly or obstacles are easy to cause uneven force, resulting in uneven height of the lifting cylinder. It is normal to recommend a careful inspection of a cylinder. When there is a foreign body in the tube, which will cause uneven transmission of hydraulic oil and uneven surface, it is recommended to carefully check the smooth delivery of the oil.

4. Unbalanced load of goods: When placing the goods, the goods should be placed in the middle of the platform as much as possible. The table inclined hydraulic lifting column platform has a high probability problem, especially the mobile lift.

5. The lift operating rod is heavy: the operating rod structure is faulty. Check, adjust, and replace unqualified parts; clean the valve parts and check the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil

6. The spool of the control valve is tightly clamped: the hydraulic pitch converter and compensation system are faulty, such as the inability of the hydraulic torque converter, the failure of the power gear shift, and the high oil temperature.

7. Reasons why the lift cannot lift or the lifting force is weak: there are the following aspects: the surface is too low, the oil inlet filter is blocked, the oil filter is cleaned, the oil cylinder leaks check or replace the valve assembly, the reversing valve is stuck or Check the internal leakage or replace the valve components, the pressure adjustment of the relief valve does not meet the requirements, adjust the pressure to the required value, the oil level is too low, the oil inlet filter is blocked and refueling, clean the oil filter.

8. Reasons why the ripper cannot be lifted or the lifting force is weak: the pressure adjustment of the relief valve does not meet the requirements, the pressure is too positive to the required value, the oil cylinder leaks, the reversing valve is clamped or leaked, the oil level is too low, the oil inlet filter The oiler is blocked, the oil supply pump is faulty, the one-way valve is leaking, check the wear and damage of the one-way valve core and the valve seat, and whether the one-way valve spring is fatigued and deformed.

9. Reasons for the instability of the lift or cracking damage: The ground is unstable. First of all, the lift should be lowered as much as possible and placed on the concrete ground, so that the foundation position is designed on the main stress-bearing parts such as beams and columns. The bearing capacity of the ground is not enough. The bearing capacity includes the weight of the elevator itself and the weight of the bearing object, and the impact of the impact load during operation, starting and termination of work should also be added.

The above is the hydraulic lifting column often appear the fault and the solution introduction, I believe that after the above detailed introduction, we again encounter problems can have a certain ability to judge. That’s all for today, if there are any more questions. You’re welcome to consult with us.

Post time: Feb-17-2022

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