Parking Lock

With the economic development, the increase of urban vehicles, and more and more parking lots and parking spaces on the roadside, the illegal operation of parking lots, illegal planning of parking spaces, and illegal parking of motor vehicles have also become more serious. Deteriorating traffic conditions have exacerbated traffic jams. In order to solve this problem, we are committed to making parking more convenient, improving the utilization efficiency of parking spaces in various areas, and unified supervision of urban roadside parking to solve the problem of arbitrary charges and arbitrary parking.

Intelligent Remote Control Parking Lock -Automatic WIFI2

And improve the utilization rate and income of solving parking spaces, relieve parking pressure, and achieve automatic management of parking spaces, so as to save a lot of manpower and material resources. In this regard, our company has developed a smart parking cloud-controlled parking management system. The products cover basic manual parking locks, remote control parking locks, induction parking locks, solar parking spots and parking with cameras that can be connected to Bluetooth APP. Lock, if you want to know more product information, please contact us.

Intelligent Remote Control Parking Lock -Automatic WIFI

Post time: Nov-15-2021

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