Parking Bollard

Hey all,we are glad that we meet here under our parking bollards  someone said street barriers bollard date from the 17th century and are shaped like inverted cannons, mianly used for border setting and city decorations. Since then, the bollard have appeared more and more in our daily life and everywhere, such as supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, shops, stadiums and school.

We often see different poles in various shapes, either to indicate direction, to protect us safety, or to remind us if we can stop here. These aesthetically pleasing bollards beautify the environment, distinguish between sidewalks and driveways, and sometimes even serve as chairs for us to sit down to lunch.  Many parking bollards have aesthetic functions, especially metal,stainless steel or carbon steel bollards, which are used to prevent vehicle damage to pedestrians and buildings, as the simplest way to control access, and as guardrails to define specific areas.

They can be fixed individually to the ground, or they can be arranged in a line to close the road to traffic to ensure safety.Metal barriers fixed to the ground act as permanent barriers, while retractable and movable barriers allow access for certified crowd vehicles. In addition to the function of decorations,our parking bollard also support different way to use,such as solar power,WIFI BLE and remote control to reach different aim.

Post time: Nov-08-2021

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