Installation method of Flagpole Foundation

The flagpole foundation usually refers to the concrete construction foundation on which the flagpole plays a supporting role on the ground. How to make the foundation flag platform of the flagpole? The flag platform is generally made into a step type or a prism type, and the concrete cushion should be made first, and then the concrete foundation should be made. Because the flagpole can be divided into two types according to the lifting method: electric flagpole and manual flagpole. The electric flagpole foundation needs to be pre-buried in advance to complete the pre-buried power line. The installation methods of flagpoles usually include: intubation installation, embedded parts installation, and direct welding installation. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Now the most commonly used method is the method of foundation installation of embedded parts. In this way, the installation is the easiest, and it can also ensure the safety well, and at the same time, it is convenient for the secondary disassembly and straightening of the flagpole in the later stage.

Post time: Feb-24-2022

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