How The Road Blocker Works?

The working principle of the tire breaker is a tire breaker type roadblock driven by a hydraulic power unit, remote control, or wire control. Hydraulic, in the raised state, prevents the passage of vehicles.

The introduction of the tire breaker is as follows:

1. The thorns of the road barricade are relatively sharp. After the vehicle tire is rolled, it will be penetrated within 0.5 seconds and the gas in the tire will be emptied through the air vent, resulting in the vehicle not being able to move forward. Therefore, it is a necessary anti-terrorism roadblock for some key security places;

2. This roadblock is normally closed during operation, that is, it is in a raised state during security operations, preventing any vehicle from passing;

3. When a releasable vehicle is about to pass, the thorn can be dropped by manual control by the security personnel, and the vehicle can pass safely.

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Post time: Mar-09-2022

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