Effortless Portability, Creative Expansion – Your Convenient Lifestyle Companion

Unfold convenience with a single motion! Introducing the innovative “Manual Telescopic Bollard,” an indispensable tool for your daily life. Not only is it easy to use, but it also boasts a high cost-performance ratio.

Crafted from carefully selected stainless steel, this tool is incredibly durable. We offer a variety of material options, including 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and robust carbon steel, catering to your diverse needs. Confront various environments with confidence and experience outstanding longevity.manual bollard (15)

With a diameter of 114 millimeters and a height of 800 millimeters (customizable to fit your needs), this bollard is designed to seamlessly integrate into your space, reflecting your pursuit of a quality lifestyle.

The brushed and polished surface treatment enhances the product’s texture, adding a touch of fashion to your life. Its lightweight design makes it an efficient assistant in your daily life, accompanying you wherever you go.manual bollard (17)

Easy to carry and simple to operate, whether for outdoor activities, business trips, or family gatherings, the “Manual Telescopic Bollard” meets the diverse spatial needs of your life. Liberate yourself, create ease, and say goodbye to limitations.

Choose the “Manual Telescopic Bollard” to infuse creativity into your life. Effortless to carry, convenient to expand – a delightful addition to your lifestyle!

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Post time: Nov-15-2023

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