A Brief Description Of The Tire Killer~

The tire breaker can also be called a car stopper or a tire piercer. It is divided into two types: one-way and two-way. It is composed of A3 steel plate (slope shape is similar to a speed bump) and a steel plate blade. It adopts an electromechanical/hydraulic/pneumatic integrated remote control device, which is easy to operate. This device is advanced equipment for intercepting unauthorized vehicles and terrorist vehicles. It is a new product developed in response to the phenomenon of passing vehicles escaping from highway toll stations in my country.
When the product needs to perform the interception task, press the up button of the remote control, and the sharp object in the steel plate in the tire breaker will immediately extend. If the vehicle forcibly passes through, the tire will be punctured and deflated. The wheel reels were forced to stop.
When the interception mission is over, press the down button of the remote control, and the steel plate sharp tool will immediately return to below the ground level and enter the standby state.
The product has the dual functions of braking tires and blocking vehicles and has a low price, which can partially replace the role of the anti-collision wall. Facilities to ensure the life safety of road management personnel and unit security personnel and the safety of the national property.

Use environmental conditions
Ambient temperature: -40℃~+40℃
Relative humidity: 95%
Various road conditions without road icing.
1) The ambient temperature here is a special design considering the temperature of the road surface.
2) It can work normally under conditions such as snow on the road and water on the road.

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