Urban roadside parking solutions, on-road parking, on-road parking

One-stop solution for urban smart parking. Provide urban static traffic big data platform, urban static traffic on-road and off-road integrated platform, urban smart parking guidance system, urban on-street parking system, and unattended parking system. It covers eight sectors including on-road, off-road, new energy charging piles, induction, smart community, user monetization ecology, mall O2O, and advertising. The system is compatible with multi-device and multi-brand devices, including low-position video piles, curb video piles, high-position video piles, NB-IOT geomagnetism, LORA geomagnetism, meters, flatbed parking locks, and charging piles.

The new brain on-street parking solution covers common models at home and abroad, with platform, algorithm, artificial intelligence as the core, and operation and big data as the purpose, to achieve the basic and diversified needs of customers.

System introduction (urban roadside parking, urban road parking)

The urban on-street smart parking system is a part of the new brain city smart parking comprehensive platform. It is an intelligent management system specially designed by the new brain technology for roadside parking. The whole system includes an on-street smart parking management platform, a WeChat applet on the car owner’s end, a car owner’s Alipay applet, a car owner’s APP, and an inspection PDA end.

Post time: Feb-09-2022

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