The Advantages of RICJ Tire Breaker Block Barrier:

1. Buried-free tire breaker: It is directly fixed on the road with expansion screws, which is easy to install and can be used for electricity. After the thorn descends, there is a speed bump effect, but it is not suitable for vehicles with too low chassis.
2. Buried tire breaker: After installation, it is flat with the ground and has an invisible effect. It is necessary to dig a shallow trench on the ground for installation. After the thorn falls, it does not affect the passage of any vehicles.
3. The overall material is made of Q235 carbon steel, the thickness of the panel is 12mm, and it bears no pressure.
4. It is controlled by a single-chip system, which is stable, reliable, and easy to integrate; it can be linked with other systems such as gates, ground sensors, and infrared to realize intelligent linkage control.
5. In the state of power failure, the tire breaker supports manual lifting.
6. The control system complies with the GA/T1343-2016 standard.
7. The lifting height can be adjusted freely, the operation is stable and the noise is low.
8. The surface is treated with marine paint anti-rust paint, and high-brightness reflective stickers are used to play the role of beauty and warning.
9. The bottom plate adopts hollow design, which is convenient for drainage or rainwater penetration.

1. The structure is sturdy and durable, the bearing load is large, the action speed is stable, the noise is low, and it can adapt to various working environments.
2. It adopts motor drive mode, simple installation, easy maintenance, high safety performance, and long service life.
3. It can be combined with other control devices to realize linkage control.
4. The tire breaker can also realize manual ascending and descending in the state of power failure, which does not affect the normal traveling of the vehicle.

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