Road Blocker

The features of road blocker :

Product performance:

1. The structure is strong and durable, the load bearing is big, the movement is steady, the noise is low.
2. Adopt PLC control, the system running performance is stable and reliable, easy to integrate.
3, the roadblock machine and other equipment such as gate linkage control, but also with other control equipment combination, to achieve automatic control.
4, in the case of power failure or failure, such as the roadblock machine is in the state of rise need to descend, you can pass the hand
The mobile operation will raise the barrier machine cover plate to fall back to the horizontal position to allow the vehicle to pass.

5, the use of international leading low-pressure hydraulic drive technology, the entire system high security, reliability and stability.
6. Remote control device: by means of wireless remote control, can be around the controller within 30 meters (depending on the scene of radio communication environment) , the movement of the remote control barrier.

7. Add the following features upon request:

7.1, card-swiping control: add a card-swiping device, which can automatically control the movement of roadblocks.
7.2, road gate and barrier linkage: add road gate (car stopper)/access control, can realize road gate, and access and barrier linkage.
7.3, with computer pipe buried system or charging system connection: can connect pipe buried system and charging system, have computer unified control.

Post time: Dec-10-2021

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