RICJ Flagpoles Advantage

No need for a collar:

1. The flagpole ball crown is equipped with a guide hole and a tensioning structure, which can make the flagpole and the pole not in contact, always in balance, no friction noise between the pole and the pole, and the ball crown rotates more flexibly in the downwind, making the flagpole overall tall and straight.
2. Sectional and detachable structure: The multi-section detachable flagpole has the advantages of detachable sections, convenient transportation, no need for welding, and convenient on-site assembly; the product has a high degree of standardization; the plug-in connection ensures that it is straight and does not bend, and the appearance is tall and mighty. Of course, the cone-shaped one can also be selected according to customer requirements, which is flexible and changeable for users to choose freely.

3. Intermediate ball crown connector: The use of the middle connector of the flagpole enables the flagpole to withstand strong typhoons without injury.

The entire appearance is composed of 48 triangular surfaces, exactly like the Oriental Pearl. Of course, in addition to embellishing the appearance of the flagpole, it has a bigger role. It is a user who brings a stable user experience.

4.A flag-raising device and transmission device: The general flagpole adopts a variety of transmission devices, so the service life of the flagpole will be greatly reduced. A variety of transmission devices are not only easy to entangle the lifting ropes when the flag is raised, but also have high power and noise.

The ropes are easy to rub against each other and damage each other. The assembly is also difficult and the transmission efficiency is low. Flagpole has taken these problems into consideration and solved them one by one, and this is also its own latest patented technology. The flag-raising operation mode of the electric flagpole is realized by operating the button switch matching the flagpole, such as remote control, panel, etc.
5.Remote control flag-raising function: In order to meet the different requirements of users for the operation mode of flag-raising, the flagpole is equipped with a remote-control operation function, which realizes the remote control of the flag-raising process of the flagpole. The remote control distance can reach 50 meters, which greatly facilitates the user’s operation.

6. Advanced automatic control technology: In order to meet the special requirement that the flag-raising process is accompanied by music, the electric flagpole is equipped with a flag-raising schedule control function. For flagpoles of different heights, the speed of the flag can be adjusted at will, and the flagpole has a height. The self-inspection worker can accurately calculate the height of the flagpole through self-inspection, and calculate the speed of the music to obtain the accurate flag-raising speed, so that the time occupied by the flag-raising process is consistent with the music playing time, and the flag-raising can be delayed freely; more Powerful joint control function.
7.Stroke control function: The electric flagpole control system is equipped with double protection of proximity switch and photoelectric switch to ensure accurate positioning and stop when the flag is raised and lowered, so that the entire mechanism operates reliably and accurately.
8.Power failure manual operation function: When the electric flagpole encounters a power failure, the user opens the movement operation door with the key, and shakes the movement with the spare crank handle, which can easily complete the flag raising or lowering needs.

Post time: Feb-15-2022

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