Parking lock operation process of Bluetooth scheme

Bluetooth solution parking lock operation process

【Car space lock】

When the car owner approaches the parking space and is about to park, the car owner can operate the parking lock control APP on the mobile phone, and transmit the entry status control command signal through the Bluetooth communication module of the mobile phone to the Bluetooth communication module of the parking lock through the wireless channel. The module receives the command signal from the mobile phone, that is, the digital signal, after digital-to-analog conversion, the power is amplified in the electrical control module, so that the mechanical actuator at the parking lock end can act accordingly.

【Close parking space lock】

When the car owner drives away from the parking space not far, the car owner continues to control the operation of the APP through the parking space lock, and sets the parking space lock to the exclusive protection state, and the corresponding control command signal is transmitted to the parking space lock terminal control part through the wireless channel through the two Bluetooth communication modules , so that the blocking arm beam of the parking lock is raised to a high position, so as to prevent vehicles other than the owner of the parking space from invading the parking space.

Program features

1. Easy to operate, APP manual remote unlocking or automatic induction unlocking;

2. It can be recorded and connected to the cloud for management;

3. It can also realize parking space sharing and parking space search.

Post time: Feb-08-2022

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