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As the first professional flagpole manufacturer in southwest and northwest China, RICJ company integrates research and development, design, sales and service, introduces high-tech advanced equipment from Italy, France and Japan, and takes the lead in passing the ISO9001 quality system certification.

Here are some how to install flagpoles:

1. The base of the flagpole

The pedestal of the flagpole was completed by the construction team, and the design of the pedestal was completed by the contractor and the construction team, and the construction was carried out according to the drawings.

Generally, the flagpole pedestal is placed directly in front of the project department or on-site office area, and the construction is carried out according to the drawings. Cooperate with the flagpole installer to ensure the quality of the project.

2. After the location of the flagpole is selected, the construction team will separate the entire location. First excavate the earth and rocks at the construction site, and then fill in the concrete. To ensure that the foundation is firm and flat, a steel mesh is laid underneath to prepare for the concrete pouring of the flagpole pedestal, which is prepared according to the designed shape.
3. Leave three holes in the base pedestal, the hole size is 800MM×800MM, and the hole depth is 1000MM. The spacing between the holes can be 1.5M or 2M, and there is no specific requirement.
4. Install the embedded parts; the flagpole installer will place the embedded parts of the flagpole according to the position, fix it, and leave 150mm below the flange of the embedded part. Then the construction team poured concrete into the hole.

5. Flagpole installation and debugging

After the concrete poured on the flagpole pedestal is stabilized, then start to install the flagpole, the flagpole is on the whole line. To ensure the installation quality of the flagpole, there is a debugging device on the chassis of the flagpole. After the flagpole is installed and debugged, the contractor will then confirm the acceptance.

6. The final pedestal is formed

Then according to the design of the pedestal, the civil construction party began to pour the concrete to form. Finally affix the tiles as required by the contractor

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