Lifting bollard installation and debugging requirements

About RICJ  Bollard Of Installation and debugging requirements
1. Digging the foundation pit: Dig the foundation pit according to the product dimensions, the size of the foundation pit: Length: actual size of the intersection; width: 800mm; depth: 1300mm (including 200mm seepage layer)
2. Make a seepage layer: Mix sand and gravel to make a 200mm seepage layer from the bottom of the foundation pit upwards. The seepage layer is flattened and compacted to prevent the equipment from sinking. (If the conditions are available, crushed stones under 10mm can be selected, and sand may not be used.) Choose whether to do drainage according to different conditions of the region.
3. Remove the product outer barrel and level it: Use the inner hexagon to remove the product outer barrel, put it on the water seepage layer, adjust the level of the outer barrel, and make the upper surface of the outer barrel slightly higher than the ground level by 3~5mm.
4. Pre-embedded conduit: Pre-embedded conduit according to the position of the outlet hole reserved on the surface of the outer barrel. The diameter of the threading pipe is determined according to the number of lifting columns. Generally, the specifications of the cables required for each lifting column are 3-core 2.5 square signal line, 4-core 1-square line connected to LED lights, 2-core 1-square emergency line, The specific use should be determined before construction according to the needs of customers and different power distribution.
5. Debugging: Connect the circuit to the equipment, perform ascending and descending operations, observe the ascending and descending conditions of the equipment, adjust the lifting height of the equipment, and check whether the equipment has oil leakage.
6. Fix the equipment and pour it: Put the equipment into the pit, backfill with appropriate amount of sand, fix the equipment with stones, and then pour C40 concrete slowly and evenly until it is level with the upper surface of the equipment. (Note: The column must be fixed during pouring to prevent it from being moved and dislocated to make it tilt)

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