Intelligent lifting column urban on-street parking solution (urban on-street parking, urban on-street parking)

The intelligent lifting column adopts wireless communication technology and Internet of Things technology, which can rise and fall remotely. The intelligent lifting column is combined with the geomagnetic field to form a complete set of in-road solutions.

A lifting column is installed at the front, rear and open side of the parking space, and a geomagnetic device is installed in the middle of the parking space. The default lifting column is to be flush with the ground. When the vehicle drives in, the geomagnetic induction vehicle drives in and creates an order. After a certain period of time, the three pillars will automatically rise, preventing the vehicle from leaving. When the owner pays the parking fee, the vehicle automatically lands and the vehicle drives away. When the vehicle is parked irregularly, the lifting column will be blocked after hitting the chassis and stop rising.

Post time: Feb-09-2022

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