Installation conditions of three different types of rising bollard

At present, the lifting column is very popular in our market. With the continuous development of economy, the types of lifting column are increasing. Do you know the installation conditions of different types? Next, lifting column manufacturers Chengdu RICJ Electrical and mechanical take everyone to the following look at it.

The following will introduce three types of lifting columns, namely electric lifting columns, hydraulic lifting columns and pneumatic lifting columns.

1. Installation conditions of electric bollard column

Although the installation of circuit piles is simple, there is no need to lay air pipes. The lifting column manufacturer said that the waterproof treatment is not good, which is easy to cause leakage or equipment leakage, which is dangerous to people and property.

2. Installation conditions of hydraulic rising column

There are embedded parts on the outside of the hydraulic road piles, and small holes should be punched at the bottom to facilitate drainage and sewage. The anti-collision lifting column factory said that during the construction process, there is no need to pay too much attention. After the trench is dug, waterproof treatment is performed and placed in the embedded parts. Provide CAD drawings and site construction drawings, construction personnel at a glance.

3. Installation conditions of pneumatic lifting column

The installation of the pneumatic system is more troublesome, requiring exhaust pipes and other accessories at the bottom, and the engineering cost is high. If there is a failure, it will push other road piles to stop cooperating, so that it cannot play a role in traffic control, but it will have a negative impact.

The above is the installation conditions of the three different types of lifting columns introduced by the lifting column manufacturers. I hope the above can be helpful to you. If you want to know more details, you should pay more attention to the website trends, feel Free to contact us anytime.

Post time: Feb-17-2022

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