General introduction of lifting column road barrier construction plan

The roadblock machine product is a high-level, high-tech, high-performance dual-level road safety management and defense set of hardware and software systems under the increasingly severe challenges of social technology development and world security. Equipment mainly used for channel defense, defense and alert. Use a variety of equipment combinations to strengthen defense capabilities and effective channel management, and use a variety of logic to control equipment access and alert status. It is fully prepared to deal with the attack or avoid injury, and plays the role of defense and protection for the effective management of the channel. It has the characteristics of mandatory interception, strong load-bearing and anti-impact ability. It can automatically recognize the license plate, save the data of the visiting vehicle, and automatically charge, collect the license plate data when entering and exit, and automatically control the rapid lifting of the roadblock device (the visiting personnel use remote control or wire control through the security guard), and control the passage of vehicles to achieve Control lanes, gates to release or close, and effectively prevent vehicles from forcibly punching cards. It is an anti-collision and anti-terrorism product with high performance, beautiful appearance and fast lifting speed. Adopt hydraulic transmission, stable performance, high reliability and large lifting force.

Post time: Feb-10-2022

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