For the maintenance of hydraulic lifting columns, pay attention to these 6 factors!

Nowadays, with the rise of private cars, in order to reasonably manage and control the vehicles, the relevant units can be troubled. In order to solve this problem, the hydraulic lifting column comes into being and plays the role of maintaining traffic law and order. The hydraulic lifting column has long been exposed to the wind outside It also needs to be maintained in the sun, so let’s get to know it with RICJ Electromechanical! We analyze the following points for your reference.

1. Clean up the hydraulic lifting column pre-buried bucket to ensure its internal cleanliness

2. Clean the drainage equipment at the bottom of the pre-buried bucket to avoid the corrosion of the product caused by the accumulated water and affect the use effect.

3. Lubricate the lifting guide rail of the pressure lifting column.

4. Regularly check the piston rod of the cylinder for leakage, and deal with it in time if it is damaged

5. Check whether the screws on the hydraulic lifting column are firm. If they are loose, use a wrench to tighten them.

6. Fill the oil cylinder with paint to ensure the service life

The above is our use of hydraulic lifter this product needs to do the maintenance work, I believe that the above do a good job of your hydraulic lifter can have a long life.

Post time: Feb-17-2022

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