Flag Pole

Flagpole is a kind of Mark and set up in various mining factories, enterprises and institutions, living quarters, stations, customs terminals, schools, stadium, high-grade hotels, city squares and other places of goods. Flagpoles can be divided into professional flagpoles, water injection flagpole, knife flagpole, stainless steel electric flagpole, stainless steel taper flagpole, electric pneumatic flagpole, variable diameter flagpole, indoor flagpole, square flagpole, roof flagpole, etc.

Principle and configuration:
1.Electric flagpole principle: electric flagpole internal installation of a set of mechatronics engineering flagpole drive movement. In the working process, the flagpole driving movement replaces the manpower to raise the flag to the designated position at the top of the flagpole.
2.360 degrees downwind ball crown device: the use of this technology to make the red flag downwind upwind situation not to make the red flag folded or even knot, this device design precision high rotation flexibility, long service life.

It can connect the flagpole on the spot, adopt the technology of Split section and detachable type, a flag-raising device and its transmission technology, 360 degrees downwind ball crown technology. This kind of flagpole has two shapes: detachable and tapered. The material is made of high strength pure aluminum alloy or stainless steel, which has the advantages of light weight and high strength. The surface of the aluminum alloy flagpole is treated by the most advanced fluorocarbon spraying technology, stainless steel flagpoles are drawn in a circular motion. Make the product surface texture even and smooth, strong ornamental, protective and weather resistance. Its highly intelligent self-test system and highly automatic control technology, plus a 360-degree downwind rotation, anti-strong typhoon design, by various factories and mines, enterprises and institutions, living quarters, stations, customs terminals, schools, stadium, high-level hotels, city squares and other places of high-level etiquette favor.

Post time: Dec-10-2021

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