Driveway Bollard

There are many kinds of lifting Bollard of Chengdu Ruisjie RICJ Company, mainly including the following types:

1.Movable bollards are usually used at the entrances and exits of convenience stores or supermarkets. They provide flexible options for channel control or enhanced protection during most of the time. The bollards can also be removed if necessary to restore the road. The passage. Its application simplifies the installation workload while increasing the flexibility of control. Diversified mechanical keys and T-shaped flip-type lifting handle structures have all passed the application, providing users with beautiful product appearance and convenient operation. Lifting bollards Lifting bollards provide an economical and convenient access control program for private garages and residences, helping to prevent theft and loss of vehicles and other properties, and will not affect the environment or occupy storage space. The lifting bollard is an economical choice in the lifting bollard scheme, and its buried structure solves the problem of column recovery and storage when the passage is open.

2.Semi-automatic bollards Semi-automatic bollards are usually suitable for passage control systems with high safety but not high frequency of use. Considering economic factors, it is often used in conjunction with fully automated bollards of the same shape. It has high safety protection and avoids complex strong and weak electrical construction. When the size of the bollard continues to increase with the increase in safety requirements, the pneumatic booster device contained in the semi-automatic bollard can bear a large load.

3. Automatic bollards are divided into electromechanical automatic bollards, pneumatic automatic bollards, and hydraulic automatic bollards. Automatic bollards have gradually developed into common automated vehicle channel control since the end of the 20th century. product. Compared with traditional railing gate equipment, the fully automatic bollard not only retains the warning function, but also provides practical interception and blocking functions. It rejects the occurrence of jamming and bumping incidents. In terms of application places, it eliminates daily travel. The distance between the two ends of the widening channel is limited; it has a higher opening and closing speed compared with the traditional horizontal sliding door opener equipment; compared with the traditional anti-terrorism turning barricade machine, it also passes the anti-terrorism collision test under the premise of safety guarantee , It can meet the increasing requirements of municipal and security places for overall aesthetic coordination.

4.Electromechanical automatic bollards Electromechanical automatic bollards are usually used for public parking space management and private courtyard vehicle access control projects. The electromechanical automatic bollard uses a low-voltage DC motor with electronic brake as the power unit. Taking into account the application characteristics of electromechanical bollards, the moving mechanism and power components are protected below the ground. Once the vehicle is hit by a vicious collision, the moving mechanism and power components will be preserved. The outer cylinder of the bollard is easy to replace quickly, reducing maintenance costs.


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