Do you know these important installation considerations for automatic bollard?

The working principle of rising bollard should be analyzed according to different types.

The automatic lifting column can be divided into two kinds: electric lifting column and hydraulic lifting column.

The stainless steel lifting column is mainly driven by the air pressure and electricity in the column.

The main accessories are the electric air spring and the power motor, the electric air spring is combined with the power motor, when the power is turned on, the rod can be controlled to drive the cylinder.

The advantage of this design is that the lifting can be realized by a simple control method.

When installing the embedded parts of the lifting column, the method is to make the expansion bolt and the steel plate and then connect them. First, the position of the fixed point of the stainless steel lifting column is determined, and then an impact drill is used to drill on the ground, and then the expansion bolt is installed, the bolts are maintained long enough to be welded between the positioning bolt tightened nut and the screw nut die to prevent plate loosening. The wall armrests are properly connected in the manner described above.

Due to the construction of the embedded parts, there may be errors, therefore, the lifting column should be re-placed before installation to determine the location of the embedded plate and the accuracy of the welding vertical rod. If there is any deviation, it should be corrected in time. All stainless steel lifting columns will be located around the steel plate welds.

Before installing the stainless steel lifting column, the groove is processed on the upper end of the stainless steel lifting column by drawing out the line and according to the inclined angle of the site and the roundness of the handrail. Then the handrail directly into the lift column groove, from one end to the other end of the sequential spot welding installation, adjacent handrail installation docking accurate, tight joints.

When all welds are complete, the welds shall be polished to a smooth finish without solder joints. With flannelette polishing, grinding wheel or feel polishing, at the same time using the corresponding polishing paste, until the adjacent base is basically the same, no weld.

The above are some tips for the installation of the lifting column. Whether it is when the lifting column is pre-buried or after the welding is completed, the small details in the whole process must be well grasped, so as to avoid some problems in the later use. ,Affect

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