Different classification of Bollard Post

The liftpost is designed to prevent damage to pedestrians and buildings from vehicles. It can be fixed to the ground individually or arranged in a line to close the road to prevent vehicles from entering, thus ensuring safety. The retractable and movable lifting column can ensure the entry of people and vehicles passing through. So what are the ways in which the lifting column is classified?

1. Fully automatic lifting Rising pole: the take-off and landing of the electric lifting pole can be completed automatically through the legal authorization information. The fully automatic lifting pole is also the main product of the electric lifting pole, and is the main equipment of various manufacturers, generally used in the take-off and landing is poor, and there are some security forces around the place.2. Semi automatic lifter: Lock or release the electric lifter by Manual Key. When the device is in the state of lifting, step down manually after releasing the key and lock automatically when in place, once again through the key release will automatically rise, this type of products used in rarely need to take off and landing places. Or where there are no security forces around. The main reason is because the semi-automatic construction cost is low, and because the semi-automatic lifting column no control panel or control cabinet security high. For example, pedestrian streets, squares and other places can be selected, in addition to some wide access can be used with the full-automatic lifting column.

3. Fixed road pile: the road surface and the automatic lifting column looks the same, the same material, but can not move. It is mainly used with fully automatic lifting column and semi-automatic lifting column.

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Post time: Feb-17-2022

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