Buying Guide for Rising Bollard

The lifting bollard post is used as a traffic restriction to control the passing vehicles, which can effectively ensure the traffic order and the safety of the place of use. It is widely used in various life scenarios in the city. Lifting column road piles are generally driven by an integrated independent hydraulic pressure. Most of the columns are made of 304 stainless steel. The fastest lifting speed is about 2 seconds. These fast lifting road piles are mainly used in some sensitive areas, and they all have certain anti- Crash performance, and resist malicious vehicle collisions. These road bollards are installed on the ground to allow vehicles to pass freely when they are lowered. When lowered, they can be as level as the ground, and when the vehicle passes over the road bollard, it does not even feel its presence.

After years of application and development, today's lifting bollards have expanded into various styles. Lifting bollards can be divided into: automatic lifting bollards, semi-automatic lifting bollards, manual lifting bollards, and fixed bollards. So what problems do we need to pay attention to when buying lifting columns on a daily basis?

01 The width of the passage for installing the lifting bollard: The width of the passage determines the number of equipment to be purchased. Generally, it is recommended that the distance between the columns should not exceed 1.5 meters. the width of the distance between.

02 Safety level requirements: Although the lifting columns have the function of blocking vehicles, the blocking effect of the lifting columns of civilian, military, and anti-terrorism levels on vehicles are still very different. Users can choose which level to buy according to their needs.

03Have a high sense of responsibility, have a good cooperative attitude, communication skills, and team spirit, and be full of work passion, creativity, and sense of responsibility, and can withstand high-intensity work pressure.

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