Bollards custom-made for Russia Conglomerate

Bollards custom-made for Russia Conglomerate (1)

At first sight they look like normal bollards. At second glance, however, they are very special: the high-security bollards resales in Russia are not only very beautiful but also very special:

Bollard sleeves coated using the very complicated process.

The bollard sleeves were specially coated using the complicated process to ensure colour, UV and corrosion resistance. This guarantees a long service life with a constant appearance. We use imported paint materials to form a strong protection on the surface of the rising part of the bollards, so when the bollards rise and fall, the paint color of the surface is prevented from being damaged, and the perfect appearance of the product is guaranteed.

Our working temperature can reach below zero.

Our products can be used at -20 °C and have been tested at Russia . A heater can be installed next to the hydraulic device of the automatic rising bollards. During the lifting process, it can be guaranteed that the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic device will not be solidification caused by the low temperature.

Bollards custom-made for Russia Conglomerate (2)

What color can the customer choose?

The customer chose the classic black, which will not feel awkward when installed anywhere, so that the entire installation site becomes high-level and solemn, which can be matched with gray and white building colors to coordinate with each other. Customers can also choose a single color , a customized color, or they can choose to add gold powder and silver powder to the pigment, so that the surface of the metal will look more textured, and it will emit a dazzling light in the sun.

Custom-made bollards desired?

Thanks to our own production, we are able to take into account all your special bollard requirements. We would be pleased to advise you on the numerous possibilities of an individualised bollard. Please contact us!

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