Bike Rack

Bicycle rack is a kind of metal rack to facilitate bicycle parking, commonly used in worldwide, clip-position bicycle parking frame, high-low bicycle parking frame, spiral bicycle parking frame and so on.

Our bicycle parking rack has the following characteristics:

1. Anti-rusting-using Q235 carbon steel, sprayed after hot-dip galvanizing, good anti-rust function, green and environmental protection, very smooth surface, suitable for any harsh environment.
2. Rugged and durable-In addition to the sturdiness of the material itself, the special manufacturing process, coupled with advanced welding technology, allows the shelf and the base to form an integral structure, which can withstand the impact of the vehicle when it is parked.
3. Neat and orderly-each card ring position is designed to park a bicycle with uniform specifications. The use of bicycle racks can effectively manage the bicycles and make the disorder become neat and orderly.
4. Beautiful and novel-the humanized design of the bicycle rack is beautiful and lightweight, the structure is unique and novel, and it is simple and safe to pick and place the vehicle.
5. Security and anti-theft-When the vehicle is parked on the bicycle rack, the wheels are directly locked on the bicycle rack to prevent the vehicle from being stolen or lost.
6. Save space-can fully save a lot of space, thereby providing more parking spaces.
7. Convenient and fast-parking and picking up the car are convenient and fast.
8. Green and environmental protection-conducive to environmental beautification and environmental protection.
9. Humanization-bicycle racks can be freely combined and installed, and the design is humane.
10. Provide image-carbon steel is selected as the material, and the spiral bicycle rack welding technology is advanced at home and abroad, high-end brand products, which effectively enhance the overall landscape effect of the place of use, and fully reflect the humanized management image!

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