Automatic rising bollard from China

The world is developing rapidly, and the world is ever-changing. Road traffic products are closely related to our daily lives.

There are countless products such as isolation belts, isolation bollards, vehicle identification and safety protection that can be seen everywhere. As a member of the road transportation facility industry, we always keep in mind the concept of protecting the environment and creating a better environment, so we have been committed to providing more environmentally friendly, safer, and smarter transportation road products.

Therefore, our company has developed an automatic rising bollard column that can move up and down freely. This automatic lifting bollard can be remotely operated in functional configuration, can be connected to the Internet, and even has modern functions that can be connected to a camera, which brings users innovation in operation Sense and sense of technology. In terms of appearance design, we widely accept users’ opinions and requests, and we support you to set the pattern, color, or logo you want.
Maybe you can take a look at the specific pictures. If you are interested in our automatic lifting columns, please contact us as soon as possible.

Post time: Nov-10-2021

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