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The Classification of Automatic Bollards

1. Pneumatic automatic lifting column:
Air is used as the driving medium, and the cylinder is driven up and down through the external pneumatic power unit.
2. Hydraulic automatic lifting column:
Hydraulic oil is used as the driving medium. There are two control methods, namely, driving the column up and down through the external hydraulic power unit (the drive part is separated from the column) or the built-in hydraulic power unit (the drive part is placed in the column).
3. Electromechanical automatic lifting:
The lift of the column is driven by the motor built into the column.
Semi-automatic lifting column: The ascending process is driven by the built-in power unit of the column, and it is completed by manpower when descending.

4. Lifting column:

The ascending process requires human lifting to complete, and the column depends on its own weight when descending.
4-1. Movable lifting column: the column body and the base part are separated design, and the column body can be stowed when it does not need to play a control role.
4-2. Fixed column: The column is directly fixed to the road surface.
The main use occasions and advantages and disadvantages of each type of column are different, and the type of the actual project needs to be selected when using it.
For some applications with high security levels, such as military bases, prisons, etc., it is necessary to use anti-terrorism lifting columns. Compared with the general civil grade lifting column, the column thickness generally needs to be more than 12mm, while the general civil grade lifting column is 3-6mm. In addition, the installation requirements are also different. At present, there are two international certification standards for high-safety anti-terrorism lifting road piles: 一. British PAS68 certification (need to cooperate with PAS69 installation standard);

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