What are the areas in which the rising post column is used?

1. Mainly used for vehicle passage control in special places such as customs, border inspection, logistics, ports, prisons, vaults, nuclear power plants, military bases, key government departments, airports, etc. It effectively guarantees the traffic order, that is, the safety of major facilities and places.
2. The gates of important units such as state organs and the military: install up and down anti-riot roadblocks, which can be controlled by electric, remote control or credit card, effectively preventing the entry of vehicles from outside units and the intrusion of illegal vehicles.

3. Electromechanical automatic lifting: The cylinder is driven up and down by the built-in motor of the cylinder.

4. Semi-automatic electric lifting column: The lifting process is driven by the built-in power unit of the column, and the lowering is completed by manpower.

5. Lifting type electric lifting column: the lifting process needs to be completed by human lifting, and it depends on the weight of the column itself when falling.

6. Movable electric lifting column: The column body and the base part are designed separately, and the column body can be stowed when it does not need to play a regulatory role.
Lifting Bollards Many bollards have an aesthetic function, especially metal bollards, they are used to stop vehicle damage to pedestrians and buildings, as an easy way to control access and as guardrails to delineate specific areas. They can be fixed to the ground individually, or they can be arranged in a line to close the road and keep vehicles out for safety.

Post time: Feb-17-2022

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